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Thread Contributor: RazorSite Ratings

02-24-2012, 05:09 PM,
Star  Site Ratings
◦1* - Default rating given to sites who submit to us. This is the lowest rating a site can have other than being blacklisted. Sites with a 1* rank are usually low quality sites. They submit using 1 mirror most of the time.

◦2* - This rating implies that the site still has room for improvement but just hasn't gotten there yet. Sites with 2* submit with 1 or sometimes 2 mirrors. To request a promotion from 1*-2*, the site must be submitting for atleast 14 days on a regular basis and have at least 200 submissions.

◦3* - This is the average rating for sites. Sites with 3* have been submitting to us for a short period but have proven themselves to offer some quality content as compared to 1/2* sites. They usually submit using 2-4 mirrors. To achieve a 3* rating sites must wait 14 days from the time they were promoted to 2* and have at least 400 submissions.

◦4* - These sites have proven themselves to be better than the masses. The webmasters who run them, show the time and effort they put into the site, they would rather focus on quality rather than quantity. You can usually find 4 or more mirrors from 4* sites. Sites must have been submitting to us for a minimum of 3 months before they can request a re-rate. They must also wait 30 days since their last re-rate and have at least 800 submissons.

◦5* - The cream of the crop, these are the top sites that submit to us, not many are privy to reach the 5* rank. But those that are, have shown exceptional quality control and have set a standard on their sites. You can expect over 5 mirrors on 5* sites. To achieve 5* from 4*, sites must be submitting to us for atleast 5 months, in addition to, sites must wait 60 days from their last re-rate, during which they will come under heavy scrutiny and observations to make sure they fit the profile superbly. Linkbacks MUST be placed within the header of the site.
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